The Piano’s Got Soul

James Carl Smith joins us again with some old favourites and new pieces.

Date: 9 August
Time: 19h30
Tickets R100

A solo show with incredible interpretations of well known artists, from Hozier and Mac DeMarco to Queen and Marvin Gaye. Smith will be paying respect to his favourite artists by respectfully performing his own rendition of said artists’ famous songs – with his breathtaking vocals and eclectic instrumentalism on the piano and guitar.

James started working as a live musician at the age of 16, and has since gone on to delight audiences across the country. From his heavenly voice, to his virtuosic multi-instrumentalism, one would never expect his unassuming demeanor. James has also been a front man for many of his own shows, and knows how to keep an audience entertained with more than just music. This show will be something really different and highly entertaining!

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