We’ll Meet Again

“Well done all of you on stage – each-and-everyone involved and enthusiastically giving their best. We loved the memories you brought alive. It was excellent entertainment, very much enjoyed.”  Ron & Linda McMartin

“The acting and singing was superb and the audience participation extraordinary. I recommend this show.” – David Lipschitz

“Rozelle Wilken is superb as Vera Lynn. She gives a beautiful, understated performance. Her voice isstunning, and she movesvery gracefully. Quite a star!” – Bruce Sanderson

In case you missed the Weekend Special reviewed by Sheila Chisholm –  A few thoughts from her:

Youngsters may consider WW II’s story belongs in dry history books. Not so. Aided by good sound, lighting effects and original clips We’ll Meet Again is a must for all ages. 

Well done once again to cast and crew. 

We’ll Meet Again – 06 to 21 May 2022

Milnerton Playhouse, Pienaar Road, (behind library) Milnerton

A nostalgic journey through the events of World War 2, paying tribute to the songs made popular by the forces sweetheart, Vera Lynn. Our narrator takes us through the events of the war, including the involvement of the South African troops.

Richard Loring, the original producer of the show which ran for five years around the country, describes it as a show which “puts a tear in your eye, and a song in your heart”! Many of the songs are uplifting and stirring, serving as an encouragement to those involved in the war. It pays a simple and honest, splendid tribute to the men and women who fought for the process of democracy during the long five years of conflict.  Celebrating 77 years since the end of the war in Europe.

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Evenings at 20h00: 13,14, 20, 21 & 27, 28 May 2022  

Matinee on Saturdays at 14h30:  14, 21 & 28 May.

DINNER & SHOW – We have partnered with Beach Blanc Restaurant on Woodbridge Island. Choose from 4 different main courses to have lunch (before Saturday 2:30pm Matinee) or dinner (before the Fri/Sat 8pm show). R200. Select “Dinner & Show” Ticket below, and show your ticket at Beach Blanc. Please remember to allow enough time for dinner, and to get to the Playhouse on time (2:30pm Matinees, 8pm Evening shows).

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