Experienced director Johann van der Merwe cast two fine, well-matched actors for this witty, thought-provoking two-hander…It takes a director with superior skills to interpret the depths of Coyne’s writing and bring from Vosloo and Venter exceptionally sensitive characterisations. A 5-star production.
SHEILA CHISHOLM, Weekend Special

We were delighted to have Careful treading our boards. This internationally acclaimed play was penned by the late Fiona Coyne, a South African playwright, and well known as the presenter of The Weakest Link in South Africa.

The talented and experienced Johann Van Der Merwe, (Bedside Manners, 2021) directed this challenging two hander. If you missed it, you missed out on something truly special!

The play tells the story of two women, who on the outside, appear to be totally different – the actress, and the critic. The actress, Jean, played by Gillian Vosloo, is faced with the most daunting challenge of her career, to play the role of a gay woman. She calls upon the only lesbian she knows, the critic, Leila, played by Carolyn Venter, to guide her. The two women embark on a conversation that becomes a battle of wits where the lines of reality and the stage become blurred. The dialogue tackles stereotypes, naïveté and tolerance and is a mesmerising 90 minutes.

The flashes of humour, the incisive words and the dawning understanding offer an insight into how we are influenced in our judgement of people. An evocative piece of theatre which richly deserved its acclaim.  

“CAREFUL is a clever piece of theatre that offers up a warning to the characters and the audience about not being too careful in life. Director Johann van der Merwe brings this piece to life well, along with the use of some nice A/V effects. And it’s always a fun evening out when you visit Milnerton Playhouse!”
Faeron Wheeler, Broadway World

“Have just come from attending the final dress rehearsal. Was totally blown away. Brilliant acting from two excellent actresses, excellent direction. Well worth seeing!”
Kim Myburgh Coetzer, Committee Member

Johann Van der Merwe
Gillian Vosloo
Jean Baxter
Carolyn Venter
Leila Russell