Bedside Manners

BEDSIDE MANNERS from 19 November to 04 December 2021

It’s a bedroom romp that is deliciously devious! 

When two married couples plan a naughty weekend away, not with their respective spouses, but with their clandestine lovers, you know you’re in for some funny situations. With the idea of a love nook and two nights of uncomplicated physical activity the chosen venue is a remote, badly managed, country inn. The owner has gone off on holiday and left the running of the hotel in the outrageously camp and supremely inexperienced hands of her brother Ferris (Dirk Jonker). Chaos reigns from the very moment the guests arrive!

Trying to make sense of who belongs to whom and to prevent inevitable meetings of husbands, wives and lovers in compromising situations it is Ferris who must navigate the two hapless couples through their respective doomed alliances. Racing with dizzying speed from room to room to reception he juggles the situations with hilarious results. 

The husbands are delightfully inept with Geoff (Simon Speck) bumbling his way through, while the  confident and obviously more experienced Roger (Neil Leachman) tries to take command. Wives Helen (Tania Lemme) and Sally (Chané Wilhelm) are ever hopeful that the weekend will work out as they had hoped but for both couples nothing is exactly as it seems!  

The play is suitable for ages 16 upwards. 

Evening:  19, 20, 26, 27 Nov and 3, 4 Dec 2021 at 8pm
Matinees: 20, 27 Nov and 4 Dec at 2.30pm