Tom, Dick and Harry

A comedy about best intentions, bad decisions and one man’s really terrible day.

A comedy by Ray and Michael Cooney
Directed by Johann van der Merwe
17 March – 1 April

These three brothers are no ordinary Tom, Dick and Harry! Tom and his wife Linda are in the final stages of adopting a baby, and are nervously awaiting the inspection and final approval of the unforgiving, formidable head of the adopting agency, Mrs. Potter.

However, rogue brothers Dick and Harry throw a spanner in the works: Dick, who shares the house with Tom and Linda, returns from a trip (having used Tom’s delivery van without his knowledge) with goods he acquired illegally outside the borders, and two hidden refugees of whose presence he is totally unaware. Meanwhile brother Harry, whose work for a hospital involves disposing of cadavers used by medical students, embarks on an ambitious plan that involves burying body parts in the garden of the house that Tom and Linda are renting, in order to get the price reduced – seeing that they are trying to buy the house from the owner/landlord.

When a suspicious female police constable keeps popping in and sniffing around, it becomes increasingly more difficult for the beleaguered Tom to fabricate plausible explanations for the mayhem around him – especially since the refugee duo of granddaughter and grandmother (whose command of English is very limited) keeps appearing from closets and bedroom doors.

And when the master mind, criminal human refugee seller turns up to collect his money for “goods” delivered, more chaos is inevitable …


“I loved this piece and how van der Merwe’s direction shines through, ensuring that the pacing remains rapid and utilising all areas of the stage. Indeed, this is not an easy piece, and the Director deserves congratulations for achieving such an excellent production.” Review from BroadwayWorld

“Split second timed action and interaction are essential ingredients required to bring out the fun and games of these playwrights’ writings. Van der Merwe’s capable direction enables this crew to take advantage of all nuances, subtleties and ‘double speak’ written into Tom, Dick and Harry. Which traditionally ends…. how? Pop off to Milnerton Playhouse to find the answer! It’s good fun.” Review from WeekendSpecial