SIMPATICO – Godfrey and Aletia in Music and Conversation

Two like-minded souls meet onstage for the first time in, who knows? – 15 years, to share music and memories.

Godfrey and Aletia met at UCT, in probably 1996, when Aletia was doing her Performance Diploma in Speech and Drama there. He was the musical director of the Pantomime; she was Flora Dora Daisy. Was it Cinderella? Who knows? It was too long ago….

Aletia considers Godfrey the guy who freed her voice and has considered him her cabaret mentor ever since. Godfrey gave Aletia the gift of believing in her.

The have worked together only once since then, when their dear friend and magnificent musician, Sigrun Paschke was still alive. They have continued their separate careers on different continents and have both been awarded for their ‘bravery’.

Currently they spend most of their time being teachers and developing the craft of their students, but let’s remind ourselves what Joseph Beuys said, ‘Being a teacher is my greatest work of art.’

This show is on our foyer stage so seating is LIMITED

Can’t make this show?

Godfrey will be returning to our stage 2nd and 14th February 2024.