Coming soon – 2019

And Then What?

The Milnerton Players presents an original play, written and directed by Werner Asher Steffen (director of 2018’s ‘Dangerous Obsession’ at the Playhouse).

The play centres around three friends – Bryan (Anton Schäfer), Fiona (Lizanne Peters) and Anne (Hannah Crafford) – who meet up on a summer’s evening for what is supposed to be quiet, after-work drinks. What ensues, however, might just change the trajectory of their lives and the decisions that they make, whether for better or for worse.

The Barman (Shaun Saal) gets drawn into the drama between the three friends, something that he usually tries to avoid at all cost. At the same time, he tries to get Bryan’s attention, who seems to be either blissfully unaware of or outright ignoring the Barman’s advances.

How will asking the question ‘And Then What?’ influence each of the characters? Will we see radical changes in the choices that they make? Is it sometimes better not to think too hard about that question and to throw caution to the wind?

Sing Fur Your Supper

Charity fundraiser presented by Bonny White, in aid of SA Basset Adoptions. Online booking opens 01 Feb 2019.


Our second production in 2019 will be the classic Noel Coward comedy, HAY FEVER. This will be directed by founder member, Isabel Ormandy, who is getting back in harness for directing again after a long absence from the Players overseas. An audition date will be decided and notified once Isabel returns in January from Australia, where she is spending the holidays with family. This is a usual light and frothy Coward comedy with several fun roles for males and females of various ages.